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Derby Ulloa meets Bob Hope in 1977.

In 1977 Les Loggins was president of the Duval County Young Republicans and found out that Bob Hope was coming to Jacksonville, FL to meet with Dr. Frances Kinney, who was then the president of Jacksonville University.  Les Loggins wanted to honor Bob Hope for his good work as a Republican.  Derby Ulloa was then an active member of the Young Republicans and Les knew that Derby was an art professor at FCCJ.  Les decided to commission Derby (for a fee) to sculpt a miniature statue of an elephant (the symbol of the Republican Party).  But Derby said he would do it for free if he would be allowed to personally present the sculpture to Mr. Hope and have an 8 x 10 glossy photo presented to Derby showing him presenting the sculpture to Mr. Hope.  The photo (depicted below) shows Derby presenting the sculpture to Mr. Hope, with Les Loggins in the background.  Mr. Hope kept this sculpture in his private collection until he died in 2003.  The sculpture is now maintained in the Library of Congress, along with other art pieces from the Hope Archives.  Click here to see Derby's elephant sculpture at the Library of Congress website.  Click the back button on your browser when done.  Later Derby also did political cartoons for The Challenger, the state Republican newspaper and also did illustrations and cartoons for the Jacksonville Jelly Bean Bulletin during the Ronald Reagan years.











These photos were taken at the March 1, 2002 unveiling of Derby's Runner Sculpture, which currently resides at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront hotel in downtown Jacksonville

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